dB consult

Services dB consult

Strategic management and guidance with repositioning

DB Consult guides cultural organisations in strategic management processes and repositioning and the drafting and implementation of new policy and business plans.

Fundraising and consulting about financial aspects

DB Consult has ample experience with creating a solid financial basis for cultural projects and organisations. DB Consult can be hired for fundraising of festivals, cultural productions and projects and writing of applications for subsidy.

Concept development and realization

dB consult is specialized in developing and realizing intercultural, multidisciplinary arts projects and events in a metropolitan context.

International cultural collaboration

dB consult has ample experience with management of international cultural collaborative programmes, a.o. in Morocco and South Africa

Administration and policy research

For local governments, dB consult conducts administrative and policy assignments such as chairing committees, setting up and supervising inspection trajectories and carrying out policy research and writing cultural memorandums.

Lectures and presentations

dB consult gives audiovisual presentations about music and dance from different parts of the world and training sessions in cultural entrepeneurship and about new developments in cultural policy.